Social Media Integration

There’s something very special about social media marketing and how it compels consumers to engage with it.

With such a large part of the population actively involved in social media, it’s no surprise that 67% of business executives surveyed in a recent report said that social media marketing improves their bottom line.

Let’s admit it. Social media has taken the Internet by storm. The growth, compared to other online services or platforms, is astounding. Coupled with the growing need of people to be constantly connected with each other, it is no wonder having a social media integrated website is almost an absolute necessity when creating your own site.

Social Media Integration as Standard

All our websites are created as standard with social media integration. It is a very easy way to increase traffic, to create communities, to increase virality, and to extend your reach.

  1. Social Media Logins – While not applicable to all kinds of websites, a social login can offer you multiple benefits. Aside from allowing your visitors to login using their social media accounts, it also creates a community of “users” that are exclusive in nature.
  2. Sharing is Caring – We make sure any content is shareable. Offering a “Tweet this” or “Share this on Facebook” button after every blog post or news article will give your visitors an easy way of sharing something they might have liked to their network of friends.
  3. Live Post feeds – Where appropriate we will add a live social media feed to your website
  4. Video – Aside from being an easily digestible form of content delivery to your visitors, videos also keep your visitors on your page for its whole duration. Be sure to upload your videos on popular platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo to create a community within those said social media platforms.

Specialised Functionality

Extend the social integration of your website

Facebook Business Page & Shop

Make the most of this exciting ecommerce opportunity!

Having a Facebook Store is a great way to grow your business, allowing you to tap into new audiences and gain more customers. It makes sharing your content really easy,

We offer a full service package with business page, Facebook shop , website integration and full eCommerce 

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Professional You Tube Channel

We can set up a professional fully branded YouTube channel with advanced video integration to your website

Full YouTube integration that will allow you to easily manage the growing complexity of YouTube embedding. We provide you with a spectrum of basic and advanced features of the YouTube embedded player and will have you posting videos in seconds

  1. Set up a Professional You Tube Channel, with full business branding
  2. Advanced YouTube video integration with your website
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Trip Advisor Integration

Let’s face it, no one really trusts testimonials unless they can verify the source. We can integrate live reviews direct from TripAdvisor. 

A great way to increase SEO while building user confidence! You work hard for your 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, now you can easily display them on your website

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Social Login & Register

Full and seamless integration with your existing website

Let your visitors register and login to your site using their social profiles instead of forcing them to spend valuable time to fill out the default registration form. Besides that, they don’t need to wait for validation emails or keep track of their username and password anymore.

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