5 Essential Elements to Add to your eCommerce Website

Let’s take a look at the 5 essential elements that will boost your conversion rates and revenues, and make your eCommerce website an immersive online shopping experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

Immersive Mobile Shopping Experience
Research reveals that nearly 55% of the online shoppers shop on smartphone devices, therefore, it is crucial to provide them an immersive, mobile-friendly experience. This will require you to make sure all the various functions, particularly the checkout cart, work flawlessly well on mobile devices, along with making mobile navigation easy and efficient.

The mobile version of your eCommerce website must be simple and obvious, with clear call to action buttons to avoid complexities. Also, make sure that the image quality is excellent, and include images for retina display as well.

Prominent & Attractive Call to Action Buttons
Needless to say, the Call to Action buttons are the most essential element of any eCommerce website, and you need to design them with special attention to the sizes, colour schemes and placements.

These call to action buttons have a very detrimental effect on the psyche and decision-making prowess of the shoppers, and you can influence various cultural and ethnic sentiments with the right colours, symbols and even fonts. The key is to focus on creating a colour scheme that invokes positive emotion and commands attention.

Winning Trust with Reviews & Testimonials
Product reviews and customer testimonials are one of the leading eCommerce trends that influence buying decisions across all social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Facebook. Even though having a reviews section on your product page tends to expose your products to the drawback of garnering negative reviews, it is a major element that serves as a crucial building block of a reliable and trustworthy image.

You can always tackle the negative review with smart marketing strategy and savvy problem solving skills. And the positive reviews will help you assure your potential shoppers that your products are indeed worth their money. You can also ask all the customers to rate helpful reviews to boost credibility.

Concise yet Comprehensive Product Descriptions
Make sure that you do not withhold any important facts and features about the products from your potential shoppers, because regardless of how appealing the images are, the shopper needs to know about the quality and materials he/she will pay for. So, examine all the products closely and mention all the relevant details to show the shoppers that you want them to make informed and efficient buying decisions.

Easy & Simple Checkout
Research reveals that nearly 67% customers leave the website if the checkout process is overly complicated or awfully designed. On the other hand, a simple, functional and trust-evoking checkout experience can boost your conversion rates tremendously. The trick is to have a big checkout button that is fast loading combined with an easy cart editing process.

Make sure that there are no hidden costs revealed at the time of checkout, along with showing all the shipping items and charges clearly. The product images in the cart must be clearly visible, along with easy access to customer support if needed. The cart should be simple, easy and free of clutter.

Written and Researched by Hua Hin Web Design